Friday, December 1, 2006


The best place for finding which are the top adsense keywords for google adsense, you can go to GOOGLEST
There you have 2 options to acces the top paying google adsense keywords list, like visitor and forum members!

They offer the largest list of the known high paying keywords on the Google Adsense network to maximize revenue from your websites, for FREE!

But you need to made atleast 32 quality posts in forum members !

To get your Free complete 13 page list of the top paying google adsense keywords: simply join the Forums, make 32 quality posts, then Email Them with your forum member name, your email address and links to the 32 posts you have made! That's it!

After that they will send you the complete Googlest list of best adsense keywords by email within 24-36 hours!

Also in you're too busy to join the forum and make 32 quality posts, you can pay $13 for it.

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