Wednesday, November 29, 2006



I found a lot of people that make an important sume of money, by


advertising some adsense in their pages.

Some of them think that is a good opportunity for now and a big chance for hit the pot with business online..., and as a mater of facts I believe the people that start something on the web, will have an advantage in the future.

Is not simple but is worthy, if you start and work part time, for 1-3 hour every day, and put same bases in a web site or a blog you can earn with Google AdSense, from 1-500 $ per day or more…, depend of course on you site popularity and you knowledge in web promoting or SEO.

If you have already a web site, it’s quite simple, because what you have to do is just to sign in for Google adsense account. You can do this right now by click on the adsense icon from the top-left part of the site.

After that in “My services” you can select “AdSense” and make a “Quick Tour” or direct “Click Here to Apply” for a Google AdSense account.

Is important to check if the service is valid in your country.

After you create the account, you copy and paste html code to your web site, and… start to earn some money.

Next time I will tell you which the top paying keywords adsense are

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